You can cover anything with mosaic. Contemporary mosaic art ranges from elegant teapots covered with dainty designs to enormous sculptures in the desert. The following classes are designed to bring out your creativity. Whether you are making an heirloom gift for a loved one or doing home improvements, your mosaic masterpiece can be an inspiration for generations to come.

Walls, floors, counter tops, tabletops, frames and mirrors...
Learn techniques and what materials and glues work best to create unique and beautiful, easy-care fixtures and furniture in your home that will last for years.

Glass Mosaic
Glass requires special handling. This is not a class using traditional stained glass but an opportunity to focus on glass as a mosaic medium. Create beautiful window fittings, table tops and pictures to hang on the wall.

Who broke that vase?!?!?!
Use broken pottery to create a stunning heirloom that will last for generations.

Mixed Media Artwork
Using a variety of media and 'found art', decorate objects or create a masterpiece to hang on your wall, or combine different materials and approaches. This class can combine elements from each of the other classes.

Outdoor art
Canadian winters can be hard on structures and your pocketbook . This class will demonstrate techniques and materials for sculptures, walkways and outdoor frescoes, designed not to crumble or heave with the changing temperatures. Custom classes can be held on site.

History of Mosaic:
We are all somewhat familiar with the detailed and durable stone mosaics of the ancient world. We also see the influence of mosaic artists in the work some artists such as of M.C. Escher. This class explores mosaic technique from ancient to modern mosaic artists, through pictures and hands-on experience with pre-cut pieces. This one-day seminar includes instruction, discussion period and some hands-on experience. Students will take home hand-outs and a small, mosaic work of art which they created from pre-cut pieces.

"Custom Classes"
While most classes include at least a little of everything, it is possible to focus on one area or another. Students are encouraged to bring any project that will fit in their car and take advantage of instruction and materials available at the class. Since techniques for many projects are similar, mixed classes are also possible.