Artist’s Statement

Beverly Pearl

Rigid materials flow together to excite the eye with harmonious colour in creations that will last for millennia. The limitations imposed by the medium are both its challenge and its strength in the hands of mosaic artist, Beverly Pearl.

Beverly uses a variety of styles and media to create and present her art. Almost anything can be turned into something artistic, interesting and amusing.

She usually uses bright colours to render scenes from nature and flights of fancy in stone, tile and glass. Whether it's a picture hanging on the wall, a backsplash, floor or three dimensional object, this artwork adds an air of contemporary elegance to its surroundings.

When holding workshops in Mosaic Design, Beverly tailors the classes to the needs of her students. They all take home useful and beautiful objects which they made themselves.

"I've had people ask if they could render that priceless, family heirloom that was recently broken into something that they would treasure for generations to come, rather than throw it away. The answer is a resounding YES!", said Beverly, who believes that we are only as alive as our sense of humor.

"I encourage people to create things that are an extension of themselves, in their own style. I can show them what to use and how to use it, and give a few tips on design if that's useful. What it's really about is encouraging their heart to come through the work. Art is an enriching experience."

For most of her years as an artist, Beverly worked in pencil, oil and acrylic for a realistic effect. In recent years, she has branched out into multimedia and abstract.

Beverly has had an opportunity to travel and sketch extensively.

She has left pencil portraits hanging in Iceland, Tobaggo, England, Greece and Russia. After returning to Canada, she studied Chinese Pen Painting. Beverly describes taking an assignment, living for one winter in a secluded, rustic farm house, without plumbing and central heat. She describes this as an opportunity to focus on her oil painting. All of her winter's works from this time are now in living rooms across Canada.

"My best inspiration comes from my children," says Beverly, who lives in Ontario, Canada with her three sons. The boys occasionally act as models. Sometimes they even get involved. When her eldest son brought home a frame, his project in wood shop at high school, Beverly finished it as a work of art. They have since sold other sculptures which they worked on together.

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